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How to Get Involved

In the interests of keeping things simple, and in the interests of balancing your "church life" with the other important aspects of living, we are happy to present this five-part plan for getting involved and staying happily involved in church life at WLA.

1. Worship with us on Sundays

The Sunday Morning Worship Services are the times when we are (more or less) all together, and the events where many people's involvement begins. This is when (and where) we hear from God through the preaching, the reading and the singing of His truth, and God hears from us, through our praying and our singing of praise.

2. Join one of our small groups

The way to get actually attached, in real life, with other WLA people is to join a weekly Life or Community Group or other small group (e.g. "Forevergreen", for the retirement crowd).

3. Find a way to serve

"Many hands get all the work done!" We like people to get to this in the third place, not the first place or the second place. (That way, before we find you a job, we find you a group of supportive friends to encourage you, to pray for you and to support you.) Good idea, right?

4. Support the work financially

No surprise here. It costs money to run a church that changes the world! We look to the Lord to provide our financial requirements through the regular systematic giving of the people who call WLA "my church." The biblical principle of "tithing" is the official solution to all of a church's financial challenges.

5. "Share the work": the work of getting the good news out to the people of London and the world -- and getting the truth into our lives.

We don't like people being so busy with church life and church friends that they have no time to make friends with people outside the church family. How will people living outside ever hear about life on the inside if the people who are inside never get outside?

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