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Originally posted on April 19, 2020:I am currently reading a book by N. H. Keeble which has the title Richard Baxter: Puritan Man Of Letters. It looks at the life of Richard Baxter through his extensive collection of written materials. In chapter 5 the author brings to light Baxter's appreciation of the natural world and how, contrary to some
Originally posted on April 17, 2009:In chapter 3 0f The Doctrine of God, author John Frame begins to discuss the divine attribute of control. In opening this discussion he considers the name that God ascribes to himself in Exodus 3:14; I am who I am. Frame offers some other possible renderings of this phrase: I am what I am I am who I am I will
Originally posted April 15, 2009:From Chapter 2 - The Lord as found in Frame's work entitled The Doctrine of God: Certainly the biblical Lord is not just any ruler. It would be wrong for us to expound God's lordship merely by appealing to extrabiblical models of kingship, rule, dominion, and so on. God is different in many ways from an
Originally posted on April 11, 2009:Here is a post by Ray Ortlund Jr from his blog Christ is Deeper Still: A recent study in Philippians prompted me to wonder, what if this one brief book were our only available Bible? How much would we have to believe and live off of? At least this:• He who began a good work in us will bring it to

TBT@ITT: On John Owen's Grave

Originally posted April 7, 2009:From the Latin epigraph on Owen's grave, loosely translated and explained: John Owen, born in Oxfordshire, son of a distinguished theologian, was himself a more distinguished one, who must be counted among the most distinguished of this age. Furnished with the recognised resources of humane learning in uncommon

TBT@ITT - Eschatology Summary

Originally posted on April 7, 2009: In preparing for a 'small group' lesson on eschatology I have been reading some books on the end times; Contemporary Options in Eschatology by Millard Erickson and The Bible and The Future by Anthony Hoekema. To go along with those resources I have been searching on the internet for some learning
Originally posted on April 6, 2009: I am enjoying Anthony A. Hoekema's book entitled The Bible and the Future. I particularly liked his chapter on the kingdom of God. Here are some quotes from that chapter: “We must therefore always see the kingdom of God as indissolubly connected with the person of Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ words and
Originally posted April 5, 2009: From The Bible and the Future by Anthony A. Hoekema: "At the very beginning, there was an expectation of a coming redeemer, who would bruise or crush the head of the serpent. As time went on, there was a growing enrichment of eschatological expectation...we may certainly say that at various times the Old
Originally posted March 31, 2009John Stott includes four chapters under the heading 'Living Under the Cross' in his classic work on the centrality of the cross entitled The Cross Of Christ. In this particular section Stott focuses on how the cross relates to and effects the church, our service to others, our enemies, and all those who suffer in