West London Alliance Church

Youth Ministry

This ministry's vision is that students' physical stature would be matched by a spiritual maturity based on Ephesians 4:11-14.


Vision: Stature

Just as a child’s body and mind are meant to grow into adult stature and understanding, this body of students (each student being a unique and important member) will grow up into its unified function of trusting and knowing Jesus.

Purpose: Equipping

This ministry exists to equip the followers of Jesus at West London (parents, volunteer leaders, and students) for ministry to each other, through teaching the Bible, encouragement to live godly lives, and coaching to train new followers of Jesus, in order that this community grows in the spiritual maturity and family resemblance of Jesus Christ.

Our mission continues during this season of social distance!

Both our Jr. High and Sr. High gatherings have continued online. Though we are separated in body for a season, we want to continue to strengthen the faith of students and their families through fellowship, learning, service and prayer. For more information, please send an email to jon@wlachurch.org.