West London Alliance Church


You can read a blog about giving from Pastor Jude here

We currently have four options set available for making your donation. 

1) Sign up for our recurring Pre-Approved Donation Plan. You can stipulate a set recurring amount to be automatically withdrawn from your Bank Account on either the 3rd of each month, the 18th of each month, or both. Email kim@wlachurch.org specifying the amount you would like to contribute, which date(s) you would like to contribute on each month, along with your name, address, phone number, email, and a copy of a VOID cheque. If you aren't able to scan a copy of your VOID cheque, feel free to drop it off as per #3 below.

2) Etransfer funds directly from your bank account using the email payments@wlachurch.org Donations made in this manner will go to our WLA General Fund, to ensure we can continue to meet the ongoing costs of running our church and building. If you wish to designate your giving to something other than our General Fund, please see the other alternative options below.

3) Drop a cheque off to the church if you are safely "out and about". We will have a secure depository available just inside the front doors which will be accessible any time a staff member is in the building. The depository is the book return cabinet that is just inside the first set of double doors at the front of the building. Due to the government’s requirements for non-essential organizations, we cannot ensure there will always be someone at the building. However, between the hours of 10:00 and 3:00 there will usually be someone there and the depository will be accessible. If the front doors are locked, please return again at another time. Alternatively, you could mail cheques to the church. Our address is 750 Wonderland Road N., London, ON, N6H 4K9.

4) Donate through CanadaHelps. Go to www.canadahelps.org; type in West London Alliance Church and click "search", then click on our name when it comes up. Follow the remaining prompts, indicating the amount you wish to donate and choose from the drop down where you would like your donation to go from the three options. At this time, we would encourage you to choose "General Fund" to help cover the ongoing costs associated with running our church. A percentage of your donation will be retained by CanadaHelps as an administration fee, and they will provide you with your charitable receipt at year end.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!