West London Alliance Church

COVID-19 Protocols for Ministry in Our Building

Before You Arrive

  1. Participants must confirm availability of rooms prior to the required date.
  2. A list of participants must be recorded.
  3. Participants must self-assess prior to entering the building.
  4. Participants should stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

While in the Building

  1. Participants are required to wear a mask and maintain social distance.
  2. Participants are required to wipe down any surfaces they touch, such as door handles, tables and/or tech equipment.
  3. Participants are required to follow cleaning protocols as posted.
  4. Participants should limit their use of the building to the room(s) they have booked.
  5. Participants may bring their own food/drinks but may not share with other participants.

Coming and Going

  1. Participants must enter and exit through the main doors, unless they are the last person to leave and they do not have a key to lock up (see #3). The exception to this is student ministries which use the south entrance.
  2. Participants must use hand sanitizer when entering the building and/or the room they are using.
  3. If you are the last group to leave the building, and nobody in your group has a key to the church, please lock the main doors and exit the building through the door by the Fireside Room. Please make sure the door is closed firmly behind you. In the case of building use at night, it is strongly recommended that at least 2 participants lock up and exit together so that no one exits the door by the Fireside Room into the parking lot alone.
  4. When the purpose for gathering has concluded, participants should make their way out of the building directly.

COVID-19 Protocol Training

Please submit your name below once you have finished reading the above protcols.