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One of the things I love about football is its applicability to life. So much of what happens on the football field corresponds to our experience of living. And in particular, one can draw many parallels between the game of football and our life of faith in Jesus Christ. Most of my years playing football were played “in the trenches.” That is, I was an offensive lineman who plied my trade on the line of scrimmage. That no-man’s-land of much physical violence between opposing forces which derives its name from the battle situations of the World Wars. That place which seems, as often as not, to be an experience much like our lives. I hope to communicate with you a few things that will hopefully be of some help as you fight the good fight of faith. And since I am in this battle too, you might consider that I write these thoughts as I live my life for God in the trenches. 

Books I've Read in 2019

    • John Newton by Jonathan Aitken
    • Supernatural Power for Everyday People by Jared Wilson
    • The Freedom of the Will by Jonathan Edwards
    • The World-Tilting Gospel by Dan Philips
    • Biblical Theology by Nick Roark and Robert Cline
    • Understanding the Lord's Supper by Bobby Jamieson
    • The Works of John Newton: Volume 1 by John Newton
    • Understanding the Congregation's Authority by Jonathan Leeman
    • Pierced for Our Transgressions by Steve Jeffery, Mike Ovey, and Andrew Sach
    • The Common Rule by Justin Whitmel Earley
    • The Works of John Newton: Volume 2 by John Newton
    • Heart to Heart: Octavius Winslow's Experimental Preaching by Tanner G. Turley
    • The Inquirer Directed to an Experimental and Practical View of the Atonement by Octavius Winslow
    • The Works of John Newton: Volume 3 by John Newton
    • Missions by Andy Johnson
    • The Gospel-Driven Church by Jared Wilson
    • Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard
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  • Dec18Mon

    Some Heart Work for 2018

    Reading for our hearts and for Corporis Conference 2018 December 18, 2017 by Jude St. John

    Proverbs 4:23 instructs us to guard our hearts because it is the source of life (CSB). The ESV renders it this way: Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life. Keeping or guarding our hearts is a duty of great significance for all of us.

    So how do we keep our heart? What can we do to guard this source of life? I think there are many biblical ways to do this. The ordinary means of grace—prayer, Bible reading, preaching, etc.—are some of the obvious ways we can keep our heart. I believe growing in knowledge is one as well. One of the ways we can grow in our knowledge and understanding of God and his gospel is through reading theologically solid and Christ-focused books.

    It is for this reason we are initiating CPR: Corporis Preparatory Reading. CPR is a tool we can all use to keep and guard our hearts in 2018. Corporis is the annual conference we run in partnership with Crossroads Alliance Church. In 2018 we will be holding Corporis Conference on May 18-19. Our speaker will be author Jared Wilson. So, we plan to prepare for Corporis, and at the same time keep our hearts, by reading some of Jared’s book. Thus, CPR is a reading plan for our hearts that will also help us get ready for Corporis Conference.

    We have put together two reading plans; a regular plan for regular readers and a second plan for ambitious readers. The regular plan schedules the reading of one book: The Imperfect Disciple. The Imperfect Disciple was published in 2017 and has made its way onto many year-end best book lists including lists from Desiring God, Aaron Armstrong, and Tim Challies. The plan for more ambitious readers includes three books of Wilson’s that the author indicated were books that would be a great “Introduction to Jared Wilson": The Story of Everything, Gospel Wakefulness, and The Imperfect Disciple.

    Would you consider reading with us this year? Would you participate in this two-pronged endeavour of keeping your heart and preparing for Corporis. Below you will find the two reading plans. And you can expect to see more blog posts in 2018 about the reading we will be doing. Join us if you can!

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