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One of the things I love about football is its applicability to life. So much of what happens on the football field corresponds to our experience of living. And in particular, one can draw many parallels between the game of football and our life of faith in Jesus Christ. Most of my years playing football were played “in the trenches.” That is, I was an offensive lineman who plied my trade on the line of scrimmage. That no-man’s-land of much physical violence between opposing forces which derives its name from the battle situations of the World Wars. That place which seems, as often as not, to be an experience much like our lives. I hope to communicate with you a few things that will hopefully be of some help as you fight the good fight of faith. And since I am in this battle too, you might consider that I write these thoughts as I live my life for God in the trenches. 

Books I've Read in 2019

    • John Newton by Jonathan Aitken
    • Supernatural Power for Everyday People by Jared Wilson
    • The Freedom of the Will by Jonathan Edwards
    • The World-Tilting Gospel by Dan Philips
    • Biblical Theology by Nick Roark and Robert Cline
    • Understanding the Lord's Supper by Bobby Jamieson
    • The Works of John Newton: Volume 1 by John Newton
    • Understanding the Congregation's Authority by Jonathan Leeman
    • Pierced for Our Transgressions by Steve Jeffery, Mike Ovey, and Andrew Sach
    • The Common Rule by Justin Whitmel Earley
    • The Works of John Newton: Volume 2 by John Newton
    • Heart to Heart: Octavius Winslow's Experimental Preaching by Tanner G. Turley
    • The Inquirer Directed to an Experimental and Practical View of the Atonement by Octavius Winslow
    • The Works of John Newton: Volume 3 by John Newton
    • Missions by Andy Johnson
    • The Gospel-Driven Church by Jared Wilson
    • Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard
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  • Jan16Mon

    Two Recommended Things to Read in 2017

    January 16, 2017

    Having begun my reading for 2017, I have come across two things that I recommend, challenge, dare, and desire you to read in 2017. In fact, these two things are a great way to start your reading for 2017. They were two of the first things I read this year and, providentially, they were a great way to start a new year of reading.

    The first thing for you to read is Jonathan Edwards sermon on Hebrews 5:12 called Christian Knowledge. It 
    was the very first thing outside of the Bible that I read this year and it is encouraging! In my first book of 2017, On Knowing Christ by Edwards, this sermon is the first one offered. You can find it online with a simple search or you can read it here.

    The sermon Christian Knowledge has as its main proposition the following statement: “Every Christian should make a business of endeavoring to grow in knowledge in divinity.” The sermon proceeds to encourage Christians to do just that.

    The second thing for you to read is another sermon that was also one of the first things I read this year. This time the preacher is John Flavel and the sermon is found in his collection of sermons entitled The Fountain of Life Opened Up. It is simply named Sermon 1. Again, you could do a search on the web, or you could read it here.

    This sermon has as its main point that “there is no doctrine more excellent in itself or more necessary to be preached and, studied, than the doctrine of Jesus Christ, and him crucified.”

    This is a great one-two punch to start the year out with, particularly a year in which you intend to do some reading (which I really hope you are intending!). Edwards encourages us to study doctrine and Flavel follows that up with a reminder that the most excellent doctrine, and the most needful doctrine, is the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

    So, you’ve been challenged! Who is in?


    On Tuesday, January 17, 2017, Steve McCready said:

    Nice afternoon musings. I spent today in John 10 getting ready for Sunday. Nice little break to finish the day. Practical, deep and challenging. Thanks Jude.


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