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In The Long Run

"The long run" referred to in the title of this blog is, in the first place, the many years Mike Wilkins served as West London's solo pastor, and then its Senior Pastor, since he and his wife Deb moved to London (and this church) in 1984.

In these past few years (beginning November 2011,) Mike's various health challenges, particularly a serious and ongoing case of cancer, has added another layer to the "long run" metaphor, and lots to blog about. Mike is currently on an extended Sick Leave, but generally worships with the church family on Sunday mornings.

With the publication of a book he wrote in 2016 entitled "Glory in the Face" (now available electronically and in paperback from, and other online venders), Mike has just launched a new website, which will serve as a sort of scrapbook for readers of the book, with relevant background photos, for example, of That Last Final Solo Canoe Trip in May, 2011, as well as additional information about the book, and--coming soon--a new set of blog posts, mostly about the peace of God and the joy of the Lord and the face of Christ and the strength to face anything. You'll find the new website now at

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  • Aug27Wed

    Two swords. One hope

    August 27, 2014

    Here I am, almost one whole month into the "remission" experience and really pretty encouraged. My daily Morning Walks (which in July were only sometimes interspersed with [pathetically] short bouts of [something like] running) have now in late August ramped up to daily Morning Runs (with [admittedly] frequent walk breaks.) My plans to re-enter my West London pastoral work are going on apace (although, of course, incrementally and non-stupidly.) And last month's good news of the cancellation of my remaining treatments continues to delight me.

    Everything is looking pretty good these days, except for the very large sword hanging over my head by a single hair from a horse's tail, which is the sobering fact that the doctors say I am now living with a 50:50 likelihood of my cancer coming back. It was apparently a man named Damocles who first noticed the big overhead sword, and, as the story goes, he didn't feel at all comfortable with it hanging there. If it's not bothering me to the same degree, I would like to think that that's because of another sword, which in the Bible is referred to as "the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God." On that sword, it is written that "it is appointed for man to die once", which is to say that, getting more and more healthy every day or not, I am still going to die sometime.

    I was clear on this fact prior to this remission and prior to becoming mortally sick, but this new overhanging sword serves to remind me of a few realities I am glad not to forget. That only God knows the future. That every day is a gift to be treasured and not wasted. And that my days, which are numbered, whatever that number turns out to be, have been numbered by God, who is infinitely wise, powerful, just and kind. Upon him rests all my hopes, for "in his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind." (Job 12:10 ESV)