West London Alliance Church

Saturday Morning with the Elders

It was a Sunday. I don’t remember which one. Sometime in the last ten or so months since the pandemic started. (Does anybody remember dates or days of the week at this point? They all blend together.) But I know this day was a Sunday, because we had just finished watching church as a family, and I was standing in the kitchen making a

01/23/21 - Dave Dunmore

Do Not Forget the Salt!

What is something that is equally likely to be found in your home’s garage, medicine cabinet and on your kitchen table? If you said “salt” you are correct. Salt is useful for a multitude of purposes such as melting ice to make our walkways safe, relaxing our tired feet in a saltwater bath and brightening the taste of our

01/16/21 - Steve Gaunt

Will 2021 Be Better?

“I sure hope 2021 will be better than 2020.  It couldn’t be much worse.”  You’ve likely heard something like that from a lot of people over the last month as we’ve entered into the new year.  Will 2021 be better?   In pondering an answer to that question, we need to understand some

01/09/21 - Tim Seabrook


Prior to the COVID 19 pandemic and the ensuing second lock down, I was free to go to the YMCA on a daily basis in order to use the exercise machines. The one that I favoured was stationed over- looking 2 swimming pools. This got me thinking about water and how we take it for granted and can often over look the dangers found in water