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Beginning June 8th, we will shift to our summer format of ONE Worship Service at 10 am, with children's programming up to Grade 3.

May 25th - August 17th  2014


A ten-part series on the book of Joshua with the emphasis on seeing Jesus in this Old Testament narrative.

3 Green Trees?
Three evergreen trees?” you say. “What do they mean?Find Out Here
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And another thing?
In The Long Run
August 1, 2014
Just about fourteen months ago, a bright young oncologist met with one of his new cancer patients (and the sick guy's beautiful wife) to explain just how serious a case of cancer this was, and how slim was the likelihood of the sick guy's survival. [READ MORE]
A very small snail
In The Long Run
June 20, 2014

This post is a sequel to the post of February 7, which was added to this blog just prior to the surgery that I have learned to call my "liver resection" (which makes it sound like some sort of a liver repair although it was actually more of a liver removal.)

I called the post "Less liver. More living." Today, about sixteen weeks since the "resection," I blog again on the same topic. I could have called this one "More liver. Less living," but instead I turn for a title to one of the poems of A.A Milne.

If I were a rich man
In The Long Run
May 16, 2014
Last week, I met once again with the surgeon who late in February performed my liver resection, removing three cancerous tumours, and about 70 or 75% of my liver with them. Accordingly, for two weeks in the hospital and then for the remaining two weeks of March, I lay around (the hospital) and then staggered around (the house) [like some sort of physical wreck], looking forward to recovering from this second cancer-related surgery, which I had come to call "Thing #4".  Late this April, I met with the same great surgeon for a second post-operative check-up, during which I was told to stop comparing this most recent surgery to the surgery of last Fall. "Removing such a large portion of the liver is a much bigger deal with a much longer recovery period," I was told. Good to know. [READ MORE]
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