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Originally posted on April 28, 2009:

Here are some quotes that I found helpful, interesting, challenging, or all of the above.
  • And when he yells us to believe in the truth of his word, we must do so, both because his word can never prove false and because we have a moral obligation to believe it. God is the supreme interpreter of both himself and the universe he has made. The world is what he says it is. (80-1)
  • He [God] sets the standards and will not be subject to the standards of others. (82)
  • When we know that God has truly spoken and that he has announced his ultimate intentions, we have no right to question him. When he tells us something, we have no right to demand evidence over and above God's own word. (87)
  • To reflect a moment on recent controversy, we can see that it is wrong to try to restrict the infallible authority of God's word in Scripture to some narrowly defined religious area, or to 'matters of salvation' as opposed to other matters...God claims the authority to direct all our thinking and all our decisions. (89)
  • The written word is the covenant constitution of the people of God, and its authority is absolute, because the authority of its author is absolute. (91)
  • Absolute authority entails infallibility. A word of ultimate authority is beyond human criticism. We may never judge it to have failed or to have been mistaken. So God's word in Scripture, as all his other words, must be judged to be infallible and inerrant. (92)
  • Theologians who try ro play down the importance of God's authority - whether to avoid "patriarchalism," to promote the freedom of human thought and choice, to allow greater latitude to science and philosophy, or whatever - have lost something that is central to the biblical revelation. Everything in Scripture comes to us as authoritative communication. (92)

In Chapter 5 Frame also describes in what ways God's authority is absolute:
  1. It cannot be questioned.
  2. His covenant transcends all other loyalties.
  3. It covers all areas of life.

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