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Originally posted April 25, 2009:Owen repeats a definition of the what the end of Christ's death is: The end of the death of Christ we asserted, in the beginning of our discourse, to be our approximation or drawing nigh unto God; that being a general expression for the whole reduction and recovery of sinners from the state of alienation, misery,
Originally posted on April 24, 2009: In his summary of the chapter entitled God's Control: Its Efficacy and Universality, Frame delivers 4 passages of Scripture which he feels encapsulate both the doctrine of God's universal sovereignty and his arguments towards that end. Here are the four passages from the ESV: Lamentations 3:37-38 - Who has
Originally posted on April 23, 2009: Foreordination of Sinful Decisions Well, the topics don't get any easier in the fourth chapter of The Doctrine of God. After discussing such topics as the efficacy of God's control in the natural world, human history, and human decisions, Frame goes on to discuss God's sovereignty over our sinful decisions
This year, as I summarize my reading from 2020, I could write exactly what I did last year. And so I will. Almost. Below I have essentially cut-and-pasted my post from last year with a few small changes in some paragraphs as well as significant new material where it is obviously pertaining to 2020. This is the second year I have read fewer books

TBT@ITT - Human Decisions

Originally posted April 21, 2009: As I continue to read through the 4th chapter of The Doctrine of God I am continually being challenged to understand the completeness of God's sovereignty. The author discusses the question "Does God bring about our decisions?" (61) Though Frame promises to discuss the genuineness and importance of our

Guest Post: The Secularisation of Christmas

The Secularisation of Christmas by Conor Culverhouse Growing up in a non-believing family, Christmas was always an interesting time of year. Trees, decorations, gifts – all for a holiday in which very few of my friends and family actually believed in the source of. No-one other than my Grandad actually believed in the Virgin birth,