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Originally posted on April 30, 2009: In chapter 6 of The Doctrine of God, Frame discusses God's intimate presence with his people which he calls God's 'covenant presence'. He defines the covenant presence of God: "Covenant presence, then, means that God commits himself to us, to be our God and to make us his people. He delivers us by his grace
Originally posted on April 29, 2009: In chapter 4 of book 2 in The Death of Death in the Death of Christ, John Owen summarizes the purpose or 'end' for which Christ died as well as the products of the event: "God, out of his infinite love to his elect, sent his dear Son in the fulness of time, whom he had promised in the beginning of the world,
Originally posted on April 28, 2009: Here are some quotes that I found helpful, interesting, challenging, or all of the above. And when he yells us to believe in the truth of his word, we must do so, both because his word can never prove false and because we have a moral obligation to believe it. God is the supreme interpreter of both himself
Romans 13 and Civil Disobedienceby Conor Culverhouse and Jake WorradTheory/Translations Language has and always will be, an integral part of communication.  However, language inevitably entails ambiguities and uncertainties which can lead to different interpretations of the same text.  This is exacerbated when translating words from