West London Alliance Church

We had an absolute blast at our Annual General Meeting!

That statement is clearly (I hope) hyperbolic. Our AGM at West London Alliance Church was a nice evening, maybe even fun, but calling it a blast is a bit much.

Nevertheless, I left the meeting encouraged and edified. It is always helpful to remember the many blessings God has poured out over the past year. He continually shows himself faithful, and we at WLA have many evidences of that.

One of the other benefits of an AGM is taking the opportunity, not just to look back, but to look forward. And we did just that. Through a group interview with the staff to the considering of a budget for the coming year, we received glimpses of where we as a church are heading.

It was in a moment dealing with looking forward that I let fly the “CP” word; church planting (two words, I know, but it doesn’t work with the idiom).

Church planting is “on the table” as it were. We are going to, over the next year, pray about how God would have us pursue this. We are going to study and discuss and think about this, asking the Holy Spirit to help us in these efforts.

With that in mind, I’d simply like to take this post to suggest a resource to you if you find yourself, like I found myself a year ago, scratching your head in regards to this thing called church planting. Like me, perhaps you would like to start to pray, read, think, and learn about this. Let this be a place to start for you.

I have recommended materials by Mark Dever before. He, and the ministry he is president of-9Marks, best articulate what is a biblical church and how a biblical church ought to function. The video below will take you to a video of Mark Dever preaching on church planting. It is a good place to start to engage with the “CP” word. Enjoy!I

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