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TbT@ITT: John Owen on Unregenerate Man

Originally posted March 13, 2009:

I am a couple of chapters into Sinclair B. Ferguson's book entitled John Owen On The Christian Life. Ferguson is sharing an overview of John Owen's theology on a wide range of issues.

John Owen sums up the unregenerate man with a succinct picture in '3-D'; darkness, depravity, and death. Owen believes that unregenerate man has:
  1. darkness in the mind
  2. depravity in the will
  3. death in the soul
Thus, we are in desperate need of Deliverance; REGENERATION. Because, to Owen, "... the magnitude of regeneration is measured by the fact that grace delivers, renews and alleviates man from all he has known by way of bondage, darkness, death and corruption under the dominion of sin." (41) To Owen, regeneration:
  1. grants understanding and renewal to the mind
  2. gives vilification to the will
  3. implants a new love in the affections

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