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TBT@ITT: John Frame on a Loving/Hating God

From October 23, 2009:

This is interesting:
"God is love," then, implies that from eternity past, God has had an implacable hatred of evil. That hatred is not separable from his perfect nature. It is a necessary and defining attribute, not a merely accidental or relational one. "God hates evil" gives us a profound description of his character. "God is hate," however, is not a helpful way of making this point, since it creates terrible confusion. But once we specify the objects of God's hate, we can state clearly that it is a divine attribute. (Frame, John M. The Doctrine of God. New Jersey: P&R Publishing. 463)
Frame gets to this point because he recognizes that God cannot love goodness without hating evil. Frame suggests that to say "God loves goodness" is one side of a coin; the other side says "God hates evil". These are positive and negative ways of describing the same virtue. From the same page Frame explains: "In the mind of God before creation, evil existed only as an idea in his mind, only as a possibility. But surely God regarded that possibility with hostility."

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