West London Alliance Church

First published October 11, 2009

From Triumph over Temptation:
  1. Sin is universal in its enmity towards God. "If there were some attribute of act of God that was not enmity to sin, the soul could find shelter there. But there is none, for enmity lies against all of God and everything wherein or whereby we relate to God. Sin is enmity to God as God, and therefore to all of God-whether it is God's goodness, His holiness, His mercy, His grace, or His promises. There is nothing of God that it is not implacably against." (56)
  2. Sin is universal in its enmity against the soul. "Thus we find there is universal warfare in the soul of man. The mind contends with its own darkness and vanity. The will wrestles with its own stubbornness, obstinacy,and perversity. Every affection deals wioth its own willfulness, sensuality, and aversion of God. Thus our knowledge is imperfect, our obedience is weak, our love is mixed in its virtues, our fear of the Lord is not pure, and our delight in God is not free and noble." (57)
  3. Sin is constant in its power of enmity. "Sin never wavers, yields, or gives up in spite of all the powerful opposition it encounters from the law of the gospel." (57)

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