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Originally posted on April 6, 2009:

I am enjoying Anthony A. Hoekema's book entitled The Bible and the Future. I particularly liked his chapter on the kingdom of God. Here are some quotes from that chapter: “We must therefore always see the kingdom of God as indissolubly connected with the person of Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ words and deeds, miracles and parables, teaching and preaching, the kingdom of God was dynamically active and present among men.” (43) “The kingdom of God, therefore, is to be understood as the reign of God dynamically active in human history through Jesus Christ, the purpose of which is the redemption of his people from sin and demonic powers, and the final establishment of the new heavens and the new earth.” (45) “It should be added that the kingdom of God includes both a positive and a negative aspect. It means redemption for those who accept it and enter into it by faith, but judgment for those who reject it.” (45) Another powerful chapter was on the meaning of history which consequently had The Meaning of History as its title. Hoekema lists the main features of a Christian interpretation of history:
  1. History is a working out of God’s purposes – “Though it is true, therefore, that God reveals himself in the Bible which is his Word, we must not forget that he reveals himself primarily in the historical events which are recorded in the Bible.” (26)
  2. God is the Lord of History – “Because God is the Lord of history, history has meaning and direction.” (28)
  3. Christ is the center of history
  4. The new age has already been ushered in
  5. All history is moving towards a goal: the new heavens and the new earth
If those 5 points don't bring a sense of peace to your soul than you better read them again.

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