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Graham, our Director of Community Life, gives us a recap on the WLA Cares Christmas Initiative and a look into what we're planning for 2021, Lord-willing.

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Here are some questions that Graham encourages you to consider as you head into 2021:

1. Have you sought the wisdom of the media over the wisdom of God?
2. Have you neglected to pray for world leaders or government officials because you think they are wrong?
3. Have you complained about what is not happening instead of being thankful for what is happening?
4. Have you not shared the Gospel in the midst of others’ struggles?
5. Have you encouraged those around you? Your neighbours?
6. Are you still too busy to read your Bible or pray?
7. Is your fuse shorter because you are living more out of flesh?
8. What have you been gripping to? I liked Jude’s challenge for us to "CLING" to Christ this year. Is there something else you are clinging to that you need to release with God’s help?
Graham Buchanan
Graham Buchanan Director of Community Life
Graham oversees our local community impact and works to create community inside the church.


On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, Stuart L. said:

Pastor Graham. I found this report / your report very informative and inspiring. Thank you. Well done. The 7 initiatives presented start with good leadership. That would be you. Way to go. And what a good church for you to be part of. The LORD be with you.



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