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03/10/21 - Rick Walton

True North Soul Care

Rick Walton shares an update on True North Soul Care, which is the biblical counselling ministry of West London Alliance Church.

The New Counselling Website has launched today. Rick gives you a walk through the website, the features, and resources.

Visit the website today:  https://truenorth.care

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If you have any questions, please reach out to Rick via email: rick@truenorth.care

Rick Walton
Rick is a certified Biblical Counsellor through ABC, and serves as the Director of Biblical Counselling for True North Soul Care at West London Alliance Church. Rick is married to his best friend, Teresa. They have raised two children they love very much, and are proud to be grandparents. Rick enjoys coffee shops with friends and family, good books and courses to keep him learning, and CrossFit to help keep physically healthy and connected to the community.

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