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TBT@ITT: Semi-pelagian In My Mind

Originally posted March 19, 2009:A post inspired by Reading the Classics with Challies. In chapter 2 of Real Christianity, Wilberforce confronts his peers on their view of the nature of man. Wilberforce contends that “The bulk of professed Christians are used to speak of man as of a being, who naturally pure and inclined to all virtue,

TBT@ITT - Two Posts on Old, Dead Guys

Originally posted March 14, 2009:I sometimes wonder if my time might be better spent reading more about current issues and less about long-dead theologians such as Martin Luther, John Owen, Jonathan Edwards, D. M. Lloyd-Jones, C. S. Lewis, and A. W. Pink. But then I read this from another dead writer:  Tradition means giving votes to the

TbT@ITT: John Owen on Unregenerate Man

Originally posted March 13, 2009: I am a couple of chapters into Sinclair B. Ferguson's book entitled John Owen On The Christian Life. Ferguson is sharing an overview of John Owen's theology on a wide range of issues.John Owen sums up the unregenerate man with a succinct picture in '3-D'; darkness, depravity, and death. Owen believes that