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As we continue in this lockdown for another couple weeks, we continue to see the weight that Covid has had on those around us. The balance of life has been difficult for many to find in this season. As Christians we still want to model our lives around loving God and loving others (Matthew 22: 37-40). But how do we do this with all of the distractions and limitations in the lockdown? Here are a few suggestions and opportunities that the lockdown presents that we may be overlooking or ignoring all together:

Pray Intentionally: Pray thanksgiving to God for all that he has done and continues to do amidst our current circumstances. Pray for specific neighbours, pray for people you know who are struggling, pray for the politicians and community leaders. Pray for your pastor and the school teachers. Pray for the kids online, and the parents. Pray for the poor. Pray for single parents, for parents with hectic work schedules and for parents estranged from their kids. Pray for those out of work or struggling to stay afloat. Pray for people's mental health. Most of all pray that God will use your words and actions to bring Him glory. Pray that in the midst of the mindsets marked by anger, hatred and frustration, He would intercede and bring Hope, Peace and Love to them through your interactions.

Fill Your Mind Well: More and more we are hearing about people taking a break from social media, people are exhausted! What are you consuming? Who and what are the influences speaking into your life? Is it well-balanced? Are you reading Scripture? Are you reading books that bring glory to God, and give you great instruction? Maybe you have always wanted to read more, well now is your chance☺ What words and truth are you meditating on? Your example can be of great encouragement to those around you. Continue to create and maintain healthy habits of the heart, rooted in Psalm 104: 34 “may my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the Lord”. 

Intentionally Love Others: With the numerous limitations that have been placed on gathering with others it is amazing how meaningful and beneficial the small things have become. What creative ways can you intentionally love others in this season? It could be dropping off some baked goods, maybe writing an encouragement card, calling someone to check-in or picking weeds with the intention to talk to those walking by. What about intentionally recognizing what you are thankful for in others and letting them know or a drive-by coffee delivery. At the beginning of all of this, my neighbors did this and bought us toilet paper :) What is important to recognize in this season is that many of the things we took for granted are more meaningful than ever for people. How can we use them to show Christ’s love and bring Glory to Him?

Look to Share the Gospel: in a time where people are struggling to find joy and hope this is also a time to share the truth of Jesus with them. As believers we find our Hope in the Lord and can confidently proclaim “He is my rock and my salvation, he is my fortress, I will not be shaken” (Psalm 62:6). Look for opportunities to share the gospel with those around you and take them! 

Lots of people are struggling to navigate their feelings in light of what feels like constant change. They are struggling with anger as their securities in life are threatened. As Christians we are given the incredible gift of knowing the end of the story. We have certainty that God’s sovereign plan is for the pandemic to happen the way it has. We also know, in recent history, that people have never been searching more for hope and for answers. Your witness can lead to a great opportunity to share of the hope you have in Jesus, and how He has rescued you from certain destruction into a life of adoption into God’s family (Gal 4:4-6). I encourage you to seek out that opportunity and to share that truth every opportunity you get!

Graham Buchanan
Graham Buchanan Director of Community Life
Graham oversees our local community impact and works to create community inside the church.


On Saturday, May 22, 2021, Ilse Webb said:

Amen and Amen, Graham! I am greatly saddened by the number of Christians I have known for many years, some of them even my own relatives, who are focusing on the restrictions of not being able to go to church, than as you have said so wisely, praying for others, and above all, focusing on our purpose as believers to bring the gospel to the lost. Our daughter got a message on her phone saying "considering all those who complain that they can't go to church, you would think that church is only a building"


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